Thursday, October 23, 2008

AuTuMn GaTHeRinG !

Welcome to

Thank you Artsy Mama for being such a gracious hostess!
Check her blog as the party rolls on!

Here are a few of the decorations I have been making.

A pumpkin shaker

A BOO basket

and a treat box.

and some ornaments.

I will leave you with a layout I did of DD's Zombie costume.

Please visit again next week. I will have all of my things posted. I'm sorry but, an unexpected emergency came up and I didn't get to take pics of everything. I also have several more projects I am working on.
Thanks for visiting!


have a lovely said...

cute cute cute! what creativity!!

Patricia said...

Such a lovely post and truly in the spirit of an Autumn Gathering. Thanks for having me stop by - I have enjoyed the visit.

Elizabeth said...

Love the treat box!

Chris Worthy said...


inge said...

Moms do their best to raise sweet girls and then you end up with a zombiegirl !!....

She really looks scary :great costume ! You also made a very nice lay-out of it !


Stacy Cohen said...

Oh WOW!!! Everything you made is WONDERFUL!! Can I come to your house next Halloween? :)