Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HaPPy BiRThDaY 2 Me !!

I had a wonderful birthday!

Kassandra planned a surprise party for me.

She must have worked her tail off because it was great.

Good food, good friends and family, good times.

I recieved fantastic presents from everyone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HaPPy 4th Of JuLY !!!

I wish you a wonderful holiday filled with
food, family, friends
and freedom!
God Bless America!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IT's ReVeAL DaY At BaD GiRLs !!!

It's reveal day at BAD GIRLS and it is GORGEOUS!

Here is the main kit.

and the wonderful add-ons!

I love all the kits this month!
I love the new direction that Bad Girls has taken!

From the words of Wendy Rago the owner of Bad Girls:

"I started Bad Girls two years ago with a vision of sending out the most creative and beautiful kits….and true to that vision…I did just that and enjoyed it immensely. Only, I have to admit that somewhere down the road, something was missing in my heart…well…maybe a bit deeper…in my soul. I started to feel empty. You may wonder why??? I truly have a very successful company…I was selling kits like crazy….I had a wonderfully creative design team…and honestly…the best customers anyone could ever dream of. But…there is your problem. I was making everyone else happy…and me??? I was truly suffering. Why? Because my company became so large that I was not able to do what I truly love doing….and that is creating art and teaching. That is why I had to step away for a long while. I had to search my soul for an answer. I didn’t want to let Bad Girls go….how could I???? I have so many wonderfully fabulous ladies that I have formed relationships with, so many customers that I know depend on Bad Girls for their inspiration, for their sole source of art, and I wanted to still be there, but I knew I could no longer go on in a capacity that was not fulfilling to me. So….the positive and part of this is that I did in fact decide to follow my dream…to create what I truly love….to get back up and spread my wings and fly. So…what does this all mean to you, my dedicated customers?
You, my friends, are in for a huge treat!!!.....Let me explain…. I was not happy creating mass marketed kits by the 100’s….and you shouldn’t be surprised…I have always created my own rules…so when I “tried” to follow the industry “rules” of a kit club it resulted eventually in my dissatisfaction…so…am I going to break all the rules??? You betcha! I am no longer going to offer subscriptions. These kits don’t have the “heart and soul” that I want. Let me talk about that a little bit. Hunting for Antique and Vintage treasures is my true passion…but when I find a certain item that I absolutely adore, I have the problem of not having enough because of the mass marketed kits. So…no more! I will still offer kits every month, but they will be in very small limited editions. This will enable me to add the things I adore to my kits, and it will also enable me to get back to creating! Managing subscriptions took a lot of my time and energy…I prefer to focus that energy into my art. I have already imported some special treats in from Paris that I have included in my sneak peeks. I tell you girls….you are going to be amazed at these new kits and the new direction that I have planned for BAD GIRLS.

I also want to talk about how I am going to present my kits from here on in. I am no longer going to have multiple examples by numerous design team members. I prefer to “teach” my customers. A lot of my customers have come here as beginner artists and have grown into the “Bad Girls” style, but some have had a little bit of trouble, and I understand that. Art is something that doesn’t come overnight, and I believe with all my heart that its my job to teach…so I will deliver just that with the new kits…I know…you are wondering…and you are excited right???? Eekkkkk….me too…..let me elaborate….Each kit will be designed and taught by one designer. You will get instructions. You will be shown how to be versatile. If I have learned one thing on this journey is that some are “project” strong…some are “layout” strong. It doesn’t have to be like that. I want all of my customers to be comfortable with all forms of art…so that designer will be responsible for creating a project and giving you instructions, but also showing you how to create a smaller item AND a layout. NO more guesswork….NO more typical kit club. We are serious about fine art and serious about making you well rounded. What else does this mean??? It means that we are going to dive into deeper waters….we are going to explore lots of new horizons…all kinds of pastes, gessos, gels, textures…..we also want to address being eco-friendly…so that means that we are going to be challenging you to actually use things around your house. It means that in a weeks lesson we might teach you how to make eco-friendly dyes from plants that right in your backyard. Well….I guess it means that I am truly becoming….ME. .

You will not only be introduced to the new team, but you will also be floored and amazed at our newly designed website. It is gorgeous…it is fresh….it speaks volumes of a fresh new vision….what can I say??? You couldn’t keep my wings clipped for long.
With much love and aspiration to new beginnings….or should I say….a dream come true."-Wendy Rago

I am so excited about it!