Monday, October 26, 2009

No MoRe GiRLy KiTs !!!

I have come to the conclusion,
that I have way too many shabby chic, girly, vintage kits.
I love these types of kits, because they are so gorgeous.
Problem is I hardly ever use them.
I probably have 30 kits untouched!
I need to quit buying them!
I need to start using the ones that I have.
I need to do more pages for my boys.
I dont think they want shabby chic, girly, vintage pages.
Kassandra has over 100 pages in her book
and Mo and Simon have half that or less.
Peter (my sweetheart) has 6 pages in his book!
I think I may even quit my sub to Bad Girls for awhile,
because I cant stop myself from buying
those beautiful kits and add-ons.
I need to buy more boy (family) friendly kits.
I am holding myself accountable
to use the kits I have and not buying anymore girly-girl kits.
I got more pages done!

My baby Simon, 15 years ago!

My family at the Rochester Museum of Play, this past spring.