Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IT's A HoRsE !!

We bought Kassandra a horse!
It's a painted pony and he is so cute!

We went to Syracuse on Saturday to pick him up.
No problems bringing him home.
We have him stabled at a nearby barn.
Kassandra and I have been going there
everyday to "play" with him.
His name is Sundance.

She's still nervous around him,
hopefully she will get over that soon.
I cant blame her though. I'm scared of horses.
I am getting a little more used to them.
since I have been around the stables this week.
I even got in the stall with him and brushed him out!


Diana said...

How exciting! I'm scared of them too but they are beautiful creatures. So strong and so graceful. Have fun with your new addition